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  1. .S. president to meet Turkish pm in South Korea
  2. Turkish deputy pm meets Spanish deputy fm in New York
  3. Turkish education minister leaves for Lebanon
  4. Turkish fm due to Belgium
  5. Turkish deputy pm meets Alliance of Civilizations executive
  6. Erdogan-Obama meeting sign of close dialogue, U.S. spokesperson says
  7. Turkish film, music festival to begin in Boston
  8. Turkey's EU minister due to Brussels
  9. Macedonian ambassador lauds AA's Balkans broadcast
  10. Turkish-Georgian business council meeting set to be held
  11. U.S. religious freedom commission's report on Turkey is not legitimate
  12. Turkish deputy premier attends reception in New York
  13. Turkish-Georgian business council meeting set to be held
  14. Turkish deputy pm says trade with Turkey will save Greece
  15. Cypriot leaders meet in buffer zone
  16. UEFA congress begins in Istanbul
  17. Turkey implements development projects in over 100 countries
  18. Turkish premier vows to fight fraud in sports
  19. Turkey expects action plan from international community to end violence in Syria
  20. Turkish economy minister meets Swiss counterpart
  21. Turkish minister says Turkey, Ethiopia should boost relations
  22. OIC condemns attacks in Iraq
  23. OIC condemns military coup in Mali
  24. Turkish Cypriot leader says not possible to get a result in Cyprus talks after July 1
  25. Turkey's EU minister says neither Turkey nor the EU can exclude each other
  26. Turkish pm receives former Greek pm
  27. Turkish health minister addresses Geneva panel discussion
  28. Turkish fm wishes Europe to be a continent of peace
  29. urkish fm wishes Europe to be a continent of peace
  30. AA will be opened up to international community with services in 11 languages, says E
  31. Turkey's stance has not changed since Arab Spring began in Tunisia, says FM Davutoglu
  32. U.S. Secretary of State Clinton due to Turkey
  33. EU Minister Bagis departs for Belgium
  34. Israel's settlements on occupied Palestinian territory unacceptable, says Turkish MFA
  35. European centered perspective still dominates world, says Turkish Prime Ministry Head
  36. embers of Kosovan Security Forces to be trained by Turkish Armed Forces
  37. National Education Minister Dincer inaugurates Yunus Emre Turkish Culture Center in B
  38. Turkish Football Federation hosts dinner at end of 36th UEFA Congress
  39. Salvador Dali exhibition opens in Ankara
  40. TRNC and Turkey never had a relationship based on interests, says Turkish Cypriot PM
  41. Turkey summer time practice to begin on March 25
  42. Number of Syrians crossing into Turkey over 17,000
  43. Europeans will one day understand Turkey is a part of solution and not a problem, say
  44. FM Davutoglu & EU Minister Bagis attend Turkey-EU political dialogue meeting
  45. Turkey sends 23 tons of aid to Libya
  46. Turkish lawmaker says embargo on Gaza threatens human life
  47. Turkey receiving most Dutch investments, says Dutch Consul General Kervers
  48. French FM Juppe to attend meeting of "Friends of Syria" in Istanbul
  49. Turkey reproach to EU regarding visa procedures
  50. Turkey's EU minister meets Belgian businesspeople
  51. Turkish FM calls for immediate action over Syrian crisis
  52. Georgian economy minister invites Turkish investors
  53. Turkish premier hints he would not allow probe into top spy in alleged terror case
  54. Turkish premier leaves for Seoul
  55. Turkish premier reiterates commitment for peaceful use of nuclear energy with maximum
  56. First Ro-Ro trip held between Marmaris and Rhodes
  57. Energy minister: 16.4 mln barrels of crude oil produced in Turkey
  58. Turkish premier arrives in South Korea
  59. Turkish education minister departs from Lebanon
  60. Turkey's summer time practice to begin on March 25
  61. Bagis: Turkey continues to get more democratized
  62. 3,360 Syrians living in container shelter site in Kilis
  63. Security forces kill 15 terrorists in eastern Turkey
  64. South Korean company invests 30 mln euro in Turkey
  65. AFAD: number of Syrians in Turkey reaches 16,825
  66. Number of credit cards in Turkey rises four times in past decade
  67. Turkish premier Erdogan meets U.S. president Obama
  68. Turkish and Egyptian businessmen discuss investment opportunities
  69. Number of Syrian citizens sheltering in Turkey's south increases
  70. IFIMES announces Turkish premier Erdogan "world personality of the decade"
  71. Turkey's first face transplant patient discharged from hospital
  72. Turkish hotel in Libya raided
  73. urkey's summer time practice begins
  74. Erdogan expresses pleasure over U.S. support in counter-terrorism
  75. Erdogan: it is impossible to remain silent towards incidents in Syria
  76. Turkey's population growth rate drops
  77. U.S. President says killing of civilians in Syria unacceptable
  78. Turkish economy minister: Turkey's foreign trade vol. 446 bln USD
  79. Turkey-South Korea sign Free Trade Agreement Joint Declaration
  80. Confidence indices up in March for services, retail, construction
  81. TIKA to help restore mosques and historic artefacts in Egypt
  82. Turkey recalls ambassador in Damascus
  83. USA eyes record in trade with Turkey in 2012
  84. Turkey to realise national defence projects soon
  85. Passages by ID cards increase number of Georgian tourists in Turkey
  86. PM Erdogan holds separate meetings with Jordanian King Abdallah and Chilean President
  87. Critical week begins for Cyprus talks
  88. Chairman of Turkish Red Crescent in Riyadh for Syrian refugees
  89. Erdogan meets with world leaders
  90. Turkish premier meets Kazakh president in Seoul
  91. Turkish parliament speaker Cicek meets Bosnian counterpart
  92. Science, Industry and Technology Minister Ergun receives Swiss delegation
  93. 111 people detained in counter narcotic operations
  94. Arab tour operators arrive in Antalya
  95. Two Algerian journalists get killed in Syria
  96. Turkish premier tells counterparts about latest situation in Syria
  97. Wounded Syrians enter Turkey for medical treatment
  98. Technical failure causes Turkish helicopter crash in Afghanistan
  99. Opening Heybeliada Seminary not a threat to Turkey, says EU Minister Bagis
  100. Erdogan and Ban discuss Syria and Cyprus
  101. Turkish Cypriot leader says Maras is part of comprehensive settlement
  102. Turkish president receives Bosnian parliament speaker
  103. Turkish deputy pm receives Bosnia-Herezgovina's speaker
  104. Turkish diplomats in Damascus en route back to Turkey
  105. Turkish ambassador in Damascus returning to Turkey
  106. Turkish pianist Fazil Say performs in Vienna
  107. Turkish premier attends general assembly of Nuclear Summit in S. Korea
  108. U.S. Secretary of State Clinton due to Turkey
  109. Turkish Airlines halts selling tickets to Syria as of April 1
  110. U.S. Secretary of State Clinton due to Turkey
  111. Number of Syrian citizens living in Turkey reaches 17,171
  112. Turkey's Damascus ambassador arrives in Turkey
  113. All nations should focus on establishing nuclear security and safety, says PM Erdogan
  114. Turkey backs nuclear energy use of all countries
  115. Syrian National Council convenes in Istanbul
  116. Energy minister: talks in Seoul to contribute to peaceful use of nuclear energy
  117. Turkey's diplomat in Syria says initiatives under way regarding missing Turkish journ
  118. TRNC willing to boost relations with Kyrgyzstan
  119. Turkish premier to meet Iranian president
  120. FM Davutoglu speaks with EU Representative Ashton by phone
  121. Turkish justice minister arrives in Germany
  122. Turkey paves way for natural gas import from Iraq
  123. Ankara-Istanbul high speed train set to launch in 2013, Turkish transportation minis
  124. Syrian opposition council head doubtful over Damascus acceptance of UN peace plan
  125. Renowned American vocalist performs in Turkish capital
  126. Turkish premier arrives in Iran for talks
  127. Turkish cinema week to take place in Paris
  128. Transportation Minister Yildirim arrives in Lebanon
  129. Turkish premier welcomed by full military honors in Tehran
  130. Intolerance against immigrants increases in France
  131. umber of Syrian citizens living in Turkey reaches 17,655
  132. China not to attend meeting of "Friends of Syria" in Istanbul
  133. Turkish Cypriot president meets UN adviser
  134. We aim a democratic and pluralist administration in Syria in future, says spokesperso
  135. Istanbul best venue for nuclear talks with P5+1, Iran's top diplomat says
  136. Turkey's message to be given in Iran today crucial to end bloodshed in Syria, says EU
  137. India to act in compliance with UN resolution on Syria
  138. Turkish Cypriot president says next reunification meeting could be last
  139. Arab foreign ministers meet in Baghdad in preparation for Arab League summit
  140. Iran had expressed desire to hold nuclear negotiations in Istanbul, says PM Erdogan
  141. Irish trade delegation visits Turkey
  142. Justice Minister Ergin meets German counterpart in Berlin
  143. We wish to conduct nuclear negotiations in Turkey, says First Vice President of Iran
  144. Turkish foreign minister inaugurates Yunus Emre Center in Tehran
  145. Erdogan-Ahmadinejad meeting postponed
  146. Turkish transportation minister visits tomb of former Lebanese premier
  147. Turkish ministers to attend ground-breaking ceremony of Gecitkoy Dam in TRNC
  148. PM Erdogan arrives in Ankara
  149. Bulgarian university decorates Rector of Trakya University Duran with honorary docto
  150. UN SG's special envoy for Cyprus Downer briefs UN Security Council
  151. Transportation, Maritime and Communication Minister Yildirim meets Lebanese PM Miqat
  152. PM Erdogan departs from Iran for Ankara
  153. PM Erdogan reiterates Turkey's support to peaceful use of nuclear energy in talks wi
  154. Chairman of Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate Gormez receives Maronite Church's
  155. PM Erdogan meets Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei
  156. EP Rapporteur on Turkey calls on Turkish political party BDP to cut off ties with te
  157. Somali president praises Turkey
  158. Foreign ministry: EP's report a tool to advance Turkey-EU relations
  159. Hostage Turkish journalists are in good condition, says Syrian guide
  160. Turkey's EU minister leaves for United States
  161. Irish trade minister meets Ankara mayor
  162. Senior U.S. diplomat says world will increase efforts to help Syrian people
  163. European Parliament's Turkey report approved
  164. urkey's flag carrier airlines company set to increase flights to Manchester
  165. Arab League summit begins in Iraq
  166. Friends of Syria seeks to mount pressure on Assad in Istanbul meeting
  167. Maronite Church's patriarch arrives in Ankara
  168. Turkey, Germany to work to eliminate problems
  169. Turkish transportation minister meets Lebanese telecommunications minister
  170. Turkish premier proceeds to Mashad from Tehran to meet Iran's supreme leader
  171. Turkish Cypriot leader expresses readiness to negotiate every issue in a conference
  172. Number of Syrian citizens staying in Turkey reaches 17,865
  173. Titanic's discoverer says sunken ships found in Turkey protected by gvt
  174. Turkish pm says any regional instability will affect all regional people
  175. Turkish pm says Turkey could not remain indifferent to developments in Syria
  176. Turkish exports up in February
  177. Turkish foreign minister: intervening in Syria issue is a must for Turkey
  178. U.S. congressman sees Turkey-Iran relations as opportunity, not threat
  179. 39,247 books published in Turkey in 2011
  180. Turkish FM meets Maronite Church's patriarch
  181. Somali people return to normal life thanks to humanitarian assistance of Turkish aid
  182. Turkish ministers arrive in TRNC
  183. Turks and Lebanese need to meet more in 21st century, says Turkish FM
  184. Turkish pm due to China
  185. TUPRAS reduces purchase of crude oil from Iran
  186. Food ministry: agricultural products exports up in Jan-Feb
  187. Water project crucial for future of Turkish Cypriots, says TRNC President
  188. Turkey's last month exports highest February figures so far
  189. AFAD: number of Syrians in Turkey reaches 17,895
  190. Deputy PM Atalay meets rectors in TRNC
  191. Two injured Syrians crossed in Turkey
  192. Turkey to purchase some of oil from Libya instead of Iran
  193. Turkey issues note to Greece for violation of international agreements
  194. International Istanbul Film Festival opens
  195. Turkish premier says Turkey wants immediate end to violence
  196. US top diplomat arrives in Istanbul for international conference on Syria
  197. Turkish deputy premier arrives in Finland
  198. Turkish premier, top US diplomat discuss Syria, Iran at Istanbul meeting
  199. Turkish FM says Assad regime will be judged by actions rather than words
  200. Top US diplomat says Syria envoy needs to present timeline to end bloodshed
  201. There is no way back for Assad regime, British foreign secretary says
  202. Syria conference highlights boosted support for opposition, Ghailoun says
  203. Two countries relations gaining new momentum with PM Erdogan's visit
  204. Portuguese FM Portas due to Turkey
  205. British minister says British universities can open new campuses in Turkey
  206. Turkey's exports to Arab Spring countries on rise
  207. Turkey begins purchasing crude oil from Libya, energy minister says
  208. Turkish Cypriot PM receives Turkey's Land Forces Commander
  209. Turkish Cypriots attached to Turkish Armed Forces by heart, says Turkish Cypriot Pres
  210. Turkey's industry minister forecasts Turkey's growth around 4 p.c.
  211. Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association to host British Minister of Sta
  212. Oman opens new embassy building in Turkey
  213. Turkish deputy pm says fuel oil, natural gas prices rise in line with rise in geopoli
  214. Turkish deputy pm defines economic growth as great success
  215. Cooperation a must to use science and technology for benefit of humanity, says Scienc
  216. Turkey calls EU to lift visa procedures
  217. D-8 Working Group for Cooperation in Civil Aviation to meet in Istanbul
  218. Number of Syrians in Turkey reaches 18,780
  219. Joint OIC-UN humanitarian needs assessment mission concludes activity in Syria
  220. Turkish deputy premier Babacan departs from Helsinki
  221. Davutoglu: stringing out Syria crisis will put Turkey and the region into trouble
  222. Arinc: council of ministers decided to be intervener in case on Sept.12 military coup
  223. Turkish deputy premier arrives in Sudan
  224. EU commissioner calls for initiating visa dialogue with Turkey in a very short time
  225. Istanbul to host World Economic Forum in June
  226. Annual inflation up 8.02 p.c. in consumer prices in March
  227. British minister eulogizes Turkey's science
  228. Number of Syrians in Turkey reaches 19,501
  229. Syrian opponents ask Turkey to be a safe corridor for assistance to Syria
  230. Turkey ranks 17th in world vehicle production
  231. Turkish pm says doing nothing when Syrian people are dying means backing oppression
  232. Turkey to launch oil drilling in Turkish Cypriot state
  233. Premier Erdogan: Turkey's national income per capita is record high
  234. Libyan pm inaugurates Turkish stand in Libya 40th International Fair
  235. Sudanese president receives Turkish deputy pm
  236. Sudanese president receives Turkish deputy pm
  237. Syrian Kurdish opponent says no political opinion represents Kurds on its own
  238. Belgian deputy premier due in Turkey
  239. Babacan: some members of Islamic Development Bank implemented radical reforms
  240. Turkish Cypriot president due to Saudi Arabia, Turkey
  241. Turkey's EU minister welcomes decision of Zurich prosecutor's office
  242. Afghan education minister welcomes 12-year compulsory education law in Turkey
  243. Court to hear first trial on September 12 military coup on Apr.4
  244. Afghan education minister welcomes 12-year compulsory education law in Turkey
  245. Turkey's EU minister welcomes decision of Zurich prosecutor's office
  246. National Education Minister Dincer meets Kyrgyz and Iranian ministers
  247. President Gul receives Portuguese FM Portas
  248. We are ready to boost ties with Portugal in all fields, says FM Davutoglu
  249. Bursa to host Turkish & Arab tourism ministers on April 22
  250. Deputy PM Bozdag departs for Kyrgyzstan