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  1. Mauritania has not agreed to hand over spy chief
  2. Afghan officials: no witness saw many shooters
  3. Charges filed against Chevron in Brazil
  4. Egypt lawmakers, government disagree on IMF loan
  5. Stubborn drought expected to tax Mexico for years
  6. Soldiers mutiny at military base in Mali
  7. Mexico judges rule that Frenchwoman not be freed
  8. Yemen: 3 Filipino sailors kidnapped
  9. Police deploy explosives in French gunman siege
  10. U.N. unites on Syria, violence spills into Lebanon
  11. Dozens homeless in southwest Mexico after big quake
  12. Insight: Life and death on India's slow train to prosperity
  13. 2 US men arrested on gay cruise in Caribbean
  14. A look at NKorea accordionists behind A-ha moment
  15. Australian police capture nation's most wanted man
  16. 4 rare white rhinos die suddenly in Australian zoo
  17. 7/7 Survivor competes for Paralympic spot
  18. Minister: French killing spree suspect may be dead
  19. Judges: Ex-Irish leader Ahern took secret payments
  20. Soldiers announce coup in Mali weeks before vote
  21. Militant denies making Bali bombs at trial
  22. Extremist suspect upends French presidential race
  23. UN chief urges cease-fire in Syria to speed up aid
  24. Luxury brands target Nigeria's wealthy elite
  25. Gay-themed movie overcomes Balkan divide
  26. Police: Islamic gunman dead after French standoff
  27. Soldiers loot Mali presidency after ousting leader
  28. Audit: India lost $210B on no-bid coalfield sales
  29. Afghan president: Pact with US will be scrutinized
  30. Aussie police catch wanted 'bushman' after 7 years
  31. Sarkozy announces crackdown on Internet hate sites
  32. France probing if shooting suspect had accomplices
  33. French terror suspect shot in head by police
  34. Al-Qaida says it killed American teacher in Yemen
  35. Global economy fears stalk markets
  36. Lawyer says Israeli outpost deal a stalling tactic
  37. EU defense ministers endorse pooling of resources
  38. APNewsBreak: Piracy fighters use floating armories
  39. Gasoline shortage hits Egypt, tempers flare
  40. Portugal strike disrupts public transport
  41. UN rights body presses Sri Lanka war crime probes
  42. 5 London police officers mauled by dog during raid
  43. French school shooter dead after jumping out window in shootout
  44. EU to limit Syrian first lady's shopping sprees
  45. Clashes rage across Syria despite UN statement
  46. Uganda police restrict opposition leader movements
  47. Activists try to protect bullfighting in Spain
  48. 3 more bodies found in Concordia cruise wreck
  49. Economists: Europe stuck on bailout merry-go-round
  50. French standoff ends with suspect shot in the head
  51. Three more bodies found on Italian shipwreck
  52. Prince Charles makes 1st official visit to Sweden
  53. Guilty pleas in Caribbean gay cruise arrests
  54. Cuba replaces senior revolutionary figure
  55. Al-Qaida leader hits Afghans who back government
  56. Sarkozy: Jail those who browse terror websites
  57. Ireland back in recession as economy shrinks in Q4
  58. Brazil's poor get free beauty treatment
  59. 5 more bodies found in Concordia cruise wreck
  60. Russian lawmaker: Assad must pull out troops first
  61. Pope visits heart of conservative Catholic Mexico
  62. Shelling in Yemen kills 29 al-Qaida militants
  63. Mali coup leader says ex-president 'is safe'
  64. Anonymous hackers block Mexico pope visit sites
  65. Ex-rebels' accounts aided Colombia military attack
  66. Argentina to stock markets: Falklands oil illegal
  67. Colombian police say rebel captured in Venezuela
  68. Three-way World Bank race seen as deadline looms
  69. 2 injured in Mexico quake have died, mayor says
  70. New Zealand yields to world on quirky road rules
  71. Indians protest in Ecuador against mining projects
  72. Venezuela court: news media should back up reports
  73. Vatican: Pope will bond with Mexico on first trip
  74. China to phase out prisoner organ donation
  75. Poland exhumes some 2010 plane crash victims
  76. Ukraine rape victim searches for justice
  77. French PM: New anti-terrorism bill on tap
  78. Source: EU will slap sanctions on Assad's wife
  79. Syrian activists: Clashes near Turkish border
  80. Syrian president's wife targeted by EU sanctions
  81. EU slaps sanctions on Assad's wife, relatives
  82. Small amounts of Israeli fuel reaching Gaza
  83. Mali president's whereabouts unknown after coup
  84. Pope uses cane at airport at start of trip
  85. North Korea's planned rocket test: Why It Matters
  86. Bomb hidden in radio kills Pakistani soldier, son
  87. French PM vows to push new anti-terror bill
  88. Japanese firms considering geothermal plants in Fukushima
  89. Exxon Valdez sold, likely destined for scrap heap
  90. Official: No sign French suspect had al-Qaida ties
  91. Bailout worries see Spanish bond yields rise
  92. EU imposes sanctions on Assad's wife, relatives
  93. Pope decries drug violence in Mexico
  94. Mali: rebels claim northern town amid coup chaos
  95. African Union force to step up hunt for Kony
  96. Taliban bomber kills 5 rival militants in Pakistan
  97. Spain moves toward freedom of information law
  98. UK proposal to re-name tower housing Big Ben
  99. Syrian first lady's shopping sprees hit by sanctions
  100. Obama taps Dartmouth president to lead World Bank
  101. French spymaster: Gunman didn't plan school attack
  102. Russia issues new warnings over US missile defense
  103. EU expands range of its anti-piracy strikes
  104. New Zealand yields to world on quirky road rule
  105. APNewsBreak: Europol chief warns of jihad threat
  106. Yemen protesters demand ex-president face trial
  107. Tuareg rebels take Mali town, threaten 3 more
  108. Pope decries Mexico violence, urges change in Cuba
  109. Drug-resistant TB blamed on Indian treatment flaws
  110. Zimbabwe probes Trump brothers' hunting trip
  111. Stocks enjoy late rally at end of troubled week
  112. Syria's first lady faces sanctions, contempt
  113. APNewsBreak: Europe faces jihadist threat
  114. Italy won't rush disputed labor reform
  115. Egyptians learn fast in campaign for historic vote
  116. Mali state TV goes off air; fear of countercoup
  117. EU launches in-depth probe of Universal's EMI deal
  118. Pope arrives in Mexico, denouncing violence
  119. US man tells of 'humiliating' arrest in Dominca
  120. Tens of thousands in Syria call for fall of regime
  121. Organ recipient testifies at trial in Kosovo
  122. US man tells of 'humiliating' arrest in Dominica
  123. Activists: Syrian troops storm northwestern town
  124. UN chief urges NKorea to reconsider rocket launch
  125. Egypt soccer fans, troops clash; 1 killed
  126. Pope's arrival in Mexico sparks surprising emotion
  127. After Pope criticizes Marxism, Cuba diplomatic
  128. Chinese website: Dalai Lama has 'Nazi' policies
  129. Egypt parliament names constitution panel
  130. Greece's deputy prime minister is retiring
  131. Woman to wed slain French soldier posthumously
  132. Afghan official: 4 killed in roadside bombing
  133. No damage, injuries in 5.1-magnitude Chile quake
  134. Roadside bombing kills 5 in Afghanistan
  135. AP Interview: Mali coup head dismisses countercoup
  136. Egyptian parliament names constitution panel
  137. Danish churches, film sets for Charles and Camilla
  138. Afghan father tries to cope with shooting rampage
  139. Officials: Pakistani Taliban training Frenchmen
  140. Officials: Pakistani Taliban training Frenchmen
  141. Ill flock to Brazil 'psychic surgeon' John of God
  142. Wedding crasher: UK queen drops in on ceremony
  143. On world stage, Obama confronts nuclear threats
  144. Amid war fears, some Israelis reach out to Iran
  145. Bahrain police battle to control streets in flashpoint town
  146. Mexican parties don't meet women candidate quotas
  147. Egyptian parliament selects constitution panel
  148. Obama confronts nuke threat on N. Korea front line
  149. Chavez flies to Cuba to begin radiation therapy
  150. Mexican priest abuse scandals cast shadow on pope's visit
  151. SKorea: NKorea moves rocket to launch site
  152. Amid chaos of uprising, crime wave hits Syria
  153. Hong Kong's elite heed Beijing, pick Leung leader
  154. Say Hello! to Pakistan's glamorous side
  155. NKoreans honor Kim Jong Il as mourning period ends
  156. Chavez travels to Cuba for radiation treatment
  157. Pope excited by Mass in shadow of Mexican monument
  158. Leading opposition party in Canada elects leader
  159. Analysis: Clogged, creaking airports hamper SE Asia carriers
  160. Bomb kills 8 Afghans on patrol in south
  161. Senegal president, ex-protege face off in 2nd vote
  162. Massive security for Greek Independence Day parade
  163. Afghans: US paid $50,000 per shooting spree death
  164. SKorea: NKorean planned launch a provocation
  165. Syria forces accused of using civilians as shields
  166. Islamists are majority on Egypt constitution panel
  167. Israeli police investigate anti-Arab mob in mall
  168. Senegal police fire tear gas at polling station
  169. Blogger: UAE holds activist for criticizing rulers
  170. French open probe into gunman's brother
  171. SKorea: NKorea moves long-range rocket to site
  172. Israel ministers bracing for border marches
  173. Taliban warn Pakistan lawmakers over NATO supplies
  174. Gaza baby dies after respirator runs out of fuel
  175. Ex-Irish premier quits party over secret payments
  176. Previously undisclosed Lockerbie files published
  177. Battles in Syria as Russia warns of 'last chance'
  178. Pope flies to gigantic Mass past statue of Christ
  179. Chavez set to begin radiation therapy in Cuba
  180. Israeli court rejects settler evacuation delay
  181. Medvedev: Annan's mission is Syria's last chance
  182. Afghan gun massacre families paid compensation
  183. Afghans: US paid $50K per shooting spree death
  184. Tunisian Islamists step up demand for Islamic state
  185. Israeli court rejects 2015 settlement evacuation
  186. Pope brings message of hope at giant Mass
  187. Egypt's Islamists dispute military's intentions
  188. Israeli charged with trafficking African migrants
  189. Armed Libyans hand airport to police, ready or not
  190. Magnitude 7.2 quake hits central Chile
  191. Quake hits central Chile; no reports of casualties
  192. Senegal president concedes defeat to ex-protege
  193. Cuba's Ladies in White protest without incident
  194. Sources: rebels, army negotiate in northern Mali
  195. Florida-bound plane crashes in Bahamas, kills 4
  196. Pope to Mexico: Have hope, use faith against evil
  197. Egypt's Islamists tighten their grip on power
  198. Major quake rattles Chile but no serious damage
  199. SKorea warns it might shoot down NKorean rocket
  200. Another Japan reactor shuts down; only one left
  201. Quake hits central Chile; no reports of deaths
  202. Iranian leader says U.S. can no longer dictate policy
  203. Pope heads to Cuba, seeking change and faith revival
  204. Myanmar exiles test government's promise of change
  205. Tibetan lights self on fire at anti-China protest
  206. Attacker in Afghan uniform kills 2 NATO troops
  207. Pakistani court to charge bin Laden's family
  208. Dubai port firm to repay $3 billion in debt early
  209. S. Ossetia needs 2nd round to choose a president
  210. Santiago Catholics eye big day with pope visit
  211. Pakistan bans film featuring Indian James Bond
  212. US announces deal to ensure medical isotope supply
  213. Obama warns N. Korea, Iran their options are few
  214. Syrian troops shell central city of Homs
  215. Pope Benedict wins over Mexico; next stop Cuba
  216. Irish plan to announce EU referendum date Tuesday
  217. UK regulator fines queen's bank Coutts $13.8M
  218. Cuban Catholics eye big day with pope visit
  219. North Korea's rocket plan hijacks nuclear summit
  220. Afghan soldier kills 2 British troops
  221. Popal visit gives Cuba's 2nd city a day in the sun
  222. Germany open to raise crisis firewall to $930 bn
  223. Merkel signals readiness to compromise on firewall
  224. Obama says 'after my election, I have more flexibility'
  225. Video: Pope puts on sombrero in Mexico
  226. Islam won't be basis of new Tunisian constitution
  227. Syrian troops shell Homs as Turkey closes embassy
  228. Papal visit gives Cuba's 2nd city a day in the sun
  229. Egypt liberals quit Islamist-led constitution body
  230. Turkey closes embassy in Syria, recalls ambassador
  231. Jews protest Hitler shampoo ad in Turkey
  232. Annan says Syria crisis cannot drag on indefinitely
  233. Obama says to suspend trade benefits for Argentina
  234. Rugby players swept to sea off South Africa
  235. Watchdog: UK anti-terror law was 'repressive'
  236. Mali coup leaders partially reopen airport
  237. French question Strauss-Kahn in prostitution probe
  238. Ex-Mafia land produces prize-winning Italian wines
  239. Doctor says Libyan tribal clashes leave 20 dead
  240. Israel to bar UN fact-finding team from entering
  241. Tests show aging of Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece
  242. Japan Airlines takes delivery of two Boeing 787s
  243. Raul Castro welcomes Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba
  244. AP Interview: Libya's leader admits instability
  245. Colombia says commandos killed 32 rebels
  246. Hungarian rows canoe across Atlantic Ocean
  247. Ex-IMF head Strauss-Kahn put under formal probe in France
  248. Cameron discloses Downing Street dinners in access row
  249. Benedict arrives in Cuba as 'pilgrim of charity'
  250. Annan: Syrian crisis can't be allowed to drag on