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  1. U.S. suspends war remains search over North Korea missile plan
  2. Noriega in Panama hospital, lawyer says has brain tumor
  3. Romney faces tough race in Louisiana
  4. Dole: Santorum must soon consider dropping out
  5. Ad attacks Obama on gas prices with faulty logic
  6. Obama Signs 'Thank You' to Deaf Supporter
  7. Santorum Hits Romney as 'Etch A Sketch' Candidate Who'll Draw Anything
  8. Pentagon disputes Afghan claim of earlier bombing
  9. Quebec could sue Air Canada, Ottawa over Aveos
  10. French shooting suspect not jailed in Afghanistan: governor
  11. Fugitive Iraq VP says bodyguard tortured to death
  12. Saskatchewan sees small surplus, higher potash revenue
  13. House panel subpoenas MF Global executive to testify
  14. Obama to push agencies on Keystone permitting
  15. Senate pushes measure condemning Kony
  16. Senate Resolution Condemns Uganda's Joseph Kony
  17. Mali army mutineers attack presidential palace
  18. Rivals seize on Romney aide's Etch A Sketch
  19. Robert De Niro apologizes for "white first lady" joke
  20. In U.S., a growing unease at mixing politics with prayer
  21. Mali soldiers attack palace in mutiny
  22. Etch A Sketch 'Happy' To See Toy 'Shaking Up' Presidential Race
  23. 'Etch A Sketch' Latest Gaffe From Romney Campaign
  24. White Mississippi teen gets life sentence in black man's death
  25. Road to radicalization from Toulouse to Kandahar
  26. Analysis: The GOP race is now lining up for Romney
  27. Romney says he's no Etch A Sketch, is conservative
  28. US worried by unrest in Mali
  29. Colombia troops kill 33 rebels as part of new strategy
  30. House GOP charges ahead on tightfisted budget plan
  31. Senators hail Mikulski's milestone in Congress
  32. Illinois features high-profile congressional races
  33. Establishment starts to coalesce behind Romney
  34. Romney Responds Etch A Sketch Gaffe
  35. Obama Cuts Red Tape for Part of Keystone
  36. Santorum has few chances left to stop Romney
  37. Verizon tells Congress cable deals ease spectrum crunch
  38. New Hampshire gay marriage repeal fails
  39. Once-influential Pennsylvania legislator sentenced to prison
  40. ECB's Draghi says worst of euro zone crisis over
  41. Obama Singes Critics at US Solar 'Epicenter'
  42. GOP Rule Won't Block Gingrich's Chances
  43. Brazil puts off World Cup law again, vexes FIFA
  44. Etch A Sketch Mania, A Twitter Half-Life, Santorum's Million Dollar Lady, Ron Paul's
  45. Dole, Baker practiced lost art of compromise
  46. Parents of slain Florida teen speak at New York rally
  47. Army reviewing traumatic stress diagnostic practices
  48. Florida police chief under fire in case of slain teen
  49. Mali soldiers say seize power after palace attack
  50. Mexico rejects release of Frenchwoman Cassez
  51. U.S. on track for Afghan deal by NATO summit: Clinton
  52. Afghan shooting suspect did not pay fraud judgment
  53. Campaign grind takes its toll on GOP candidates
  54. Obama putting Oklahoma pipeline on fast track
  55. Austrian right leader shrugs off "new Jews" backlash
  56. Romney's man in Congress seeks to rally support
  57. House to vote on repealing Medicare cost board
  58. House panel approves contentious GOP budget plan
  59. Senate set for key vote on insider trading ban
  60. US says 5 nations clear out weapons-grade uranium
  61. Renegade Mali soldiers say seize power, depose Toure
  62. US says 5 nations now rid of weapons-grade uranium
  63. Sarkozy takes first-round poll lead after shootings
  64. GM to invest $1 billion in Australia operations
  65. Japan posts trade surplus on U.S. exports, corp mood improves
  66. Road to radicalization from Toulouse to Kandahar
  67. Mali soldiers attack palace in coup bid
  68. Fannie, Freddie faulted for spending on conference
  69. Analysis: U.S. job gains hint at more spending and hiring
  70. Protestants on the rise as pope visits Mexico
  71. Jailed in Afghanistan, French suspect escaped in mass break-out
  72. Portugal faces general strike in test of austerity
  73. As fuel prices rise, Obama starts energy blitz
  74. Portuguese strike in protest at austerity measures
  75. Government feels heat over $211 bln coal furore
  76. No signs of life from French gunman: government
  77. Special Report: Chinese firm helps Iran spy on citizens
  78. India loses $210 billion in coal sales in "mother of all scams"
  79. Zawahri: Afghan corpse video shows U.S. depravity
  80. U.N. nuclear agency starts talks with North Korea over visit
  81. India PM office says coal reports "misleading"
  82. Analysis: Bali attack plot shows Indonesia terror threat evolving
  83. French "gunman" trapped by email, bike
  84. PM office says coal reports "misleading"
  85. Women on Afghan peace council say they are sidelined
  86. Jeb Bush Backs Rubio for VP Nominee
  87. Lawmakers Question Verizon-Cable Deals
  88. Federal Officials Defend Responses to Records Requests
  89. A street called Syria divides tense Lebanese city
  90. Slovenia to vote on homosexual rights in referendum
  91. Indian carriers won't share emission data with EU - minister
  92. Portuguese strike in protest at austerity measures
  93. Afghanistan working to stop divisive NATO night raids: Karzai
  94. Santorum's Last Stand or Romney's Time to Seal the Deal?
  95. The Note's Must-Reads for Thursday, March 22, 2012
  96. Bahrain police install cameras to curb abuse
  97. Jobless claims fall to new four year low
  98. France suspends cooperation with Mali after coup
  99. US intel: water a cause for war in coming decades
  100. Sri Lanka should punish civil war crimes: U.N. forum
  101. Jobless claims fall to new four year low
  102. Book celebrating Romney quotes to be published
  103. Mitt Romney's Etch A Mess (The Note)
  104. Bad Jokes, Worse Food on Campaign Trail
  105. Bill Maher is Tired of Your Outrage
  106. Today’s e-Reads: Are Chinese Firms Helping Iran Spy on its Citizens?
  107. For Mitt Romney, Muted Help From the Establishment
  108. Rick Perry Would Say No to VP Slot
  109. Italy's Monti runs into trouble over labor reform
  110. Afghanistan working to stop divisive NATO night raids: Karzai
  111. Hit by cuts, bankers run from London's square mile
  112. Gingrich Late to Respond to Voter Calling Obama a Muslim
  113. Palestinians suffer fuel crisis in Gaza
  114. Senate moves to final vote on small business bill
  115. U.S. condemns Mali coup
  116. Messi's footwork part of anti-Syria conspiracy: TV
  117. Redistricting’s Dark Matter
  118. Banks will get guidance on Volcker rule: Fed
  119. IRS chief: Agency not targeting tea party groups
  120. Birthers sue Calif. over candidate eligibility
  121. Boeing backs rival in air row, stands firm on WTO
  122. FedEx units pay $3 million to settle bias claims
  123. Growing unease at mixing politics with prayer
  124. Boehner confident House will pass Ryan budget
  125. Mali's "Soldier of Democracy" toppled by own army
  126. FedEx to pay Labor Dept $3 million over hiring
  127. US now counts 17 dead in Afghan massacre
  128. TW_STORY_ComingUp_120322
  129. Magna Carta to get modern makeover for 800th birthday
  130. Ignore Florida law on Cuba trade, county attorney says
  131. Obama defends handling of Keystone pipeline
  132. House moves to repeal Medicare cost board
  133. U.S. to need "significant combat power" in Afghanistan: general
  134. Factbox: Mali, remote land of deserts and gold
  135. Obama on Solyndra: 'This Was Not Our Program Per Se'
  136. Our GMA Chat About the Etch-a-Sketch Sitch
  137. Former Irish PM Ahern lied over finances-inquiry
  138. Kurd militants threaten Turkey if it enters Syria
  139. Putin picks Rosneft man for energy post
  140. Gov't sues AT&T over Internet calls
  141. House repeals Medicare cost board on party lines
  142. Senate set for final action on insider trading ban
  143. House Members Dole Out Millions in Campaign Cash to Families
  144. At Oklahoma oil hub, Obama pledges to speed part of pipeline
  145. African finance ministers back Nigerian for World Bank job
  146. Bill to boost startups wins Senate approval
  147. US weighs $137 million in aid to Mali after coup
  148. Senate passes small business investment bill
  149. Boeing backs rival in EU row, stands firm on WTO
  150. Insider trading ban sent to White House
  151. Senate approves weaker House insider trading bill
  152. Romney to look for laughs, and votes, on Leno show
  153. Average IRS refund this year about $3k, chief says
  154. Obama Defends Oil Record, Fast-Tracks Keystone Pipeline
  155. Government sues AT&T over fees from misuse of deaf service
  156. Lack of Water May Lead to Terrorism, Violence, Failed States, Says Secretary Clinton
  157. Bernanke says U.S. consumption still too weak
  158. Angry UK police to seek right to strike
  159. Portugal faces general strike in test of austerity
  160. Gunmen "execute" Yemeni officer, three killed in clash
  161. Sweden ends row over Nobel Peace Prize attribution
  162. Santorum: Romney's an Etch A Sketch conservative
  163. Santorum Suggests Obama Beats an 'Etch A Sketch' Candidate
  164. Santorum's best shot: Winning Iowa caucus _ again
  165. Romney Could Use Etch A Sketch 'Restart' With Latinos, Women, the Poor
  166. Afghan commander says he needs solid force in 2013
  167. Romney Could Use Etch A Sketch 'Restart' With Latinos, Women, the Poor
  168. Fed's Fisher sees no need for more monetary easing
  169. Santorum's best shot: Winning Iowa _ again?
  170. Carmakers flag problems, but U.S. seeks bigger fines
  171. Romney ad portrays him as conservative leader
  172. Wall Street's face in Washington to step down
  173. Canada industry minister broke ethics rules: probe
  174. AP source: Alleged French gunman on US no-fly List
  175. Senate Passes JOBS Act; Bill Returns to House
  176. Labor Dept.: Americans hold 3.1 million green jobs
  177. Analysis: Investors weigh chaos as high court reviews health law
  178. US to OK Egypt aid despite congressional concerns
  179. Politics puts Etch A Sketch back in the picture
  180. Trayvon Martin Shooting Outrage Comes to House Floor
  181. U.S. House votes to abolish Medicare cost panel
  182. U.S. sees Taliban talks suspension as tactical move
  183. Senate Passes Congress Insider Trading Ban
  184. Florida police chief under fire in case of slain teen
  185. Dispute with Egypt triggers fuel crisis in Gaza
  186. Sen. Brown cites mom in domestic violence law push
  187. Medicare rationing? An election-year House vote
  188. French intelligence queried over al Qaeda shooter
  189. AIG repays government $1.5 billion: Treasury
  190. Obama Uses Faces to Mark Health Care Law Anniversary Online
  191. Clinton to let U.S. military aid to Egypt go ahead
  192. Pope in Latin America in shadow of John Paul
  193. Sales at 2 CVS pharmacies can be stopped for now
  194. Gingrich Throws Romney Campaign Gaffe to the Alligators
  195. Santorum rips Romney on healthcare before top court arguments
  196. New Facebook App Lets Voters 'Cosponsor' Bills in Congress
  197. Afghan commander prefers robust US force in 2013
  198. Highlights of bill to ban insider trading
  199. Sen. Dick Durbin Calls Senate Hearings Over New Orleans Saints Bounty Program
  200. US eases restrictions on Sri Lanka defense sales
  201. U.S. Senate passes lawmakers' insider trading bill
  202. PM Note: Health Reform Anniversary Eve, Etch a Cont'd, A Half Pipeline
  203. Teacher Reportedly Takes Pro-Obama Position in Assigning Homework
  204. US OKs Egypt aid despite congressional concerns
  205. Romney works behind the scenes to attract conservatives
  206. Romney tries to rally uncommitted GOP lawmakers
  207. Obama Concludes Tour With Campaign-Style Pitch for Green Energy
  208. New book warns of looming Pakistan anarchy
  209. Analysis: Why U.S. high court may uphold healthcare law
  210. Army sergeant faces 17 murder counts in Afghan killings
  211. Santorum: Might as well have Obama over Romney
  212. GM to replace Chevy Volt 120-volt chargers
  213. U.S. Congress members face new curbs on insider trading
  214. Funding cuts put 3.4 million TB patients at risk: NGOs
  215. Govt to keep info on Americans with no terror ties
  216. U.N. Security Council, secretary-general condemn Mali coup
  217. World Bank, African Development Bank suspend Mali funds
  218. Aid workers have "limited" access in Syria: U.N.'s Amos
  219. Murder Charges Against Alleged Kandahar Shooter Expected Friday
  220. Police chief in "Stand Your Ground" killing steps down
  221. Florida governor appoints task force to probe teen's killing
  222. Mali rebels advance in north, mutineers seek president
  223. Clinton to let military aid to Egypt continue: State Department official
  224. Boehner: Republicans will rally around Ryan budget
  225. Romney rivals draw on "Etch A Sketch" line, toy sales soar
  226. Japan regulator strips AIJ registration: minister
  227. Florida man lives to tell of 'shoot first' horror
  228. Exclusive: Japan mayors, governors want nuclear safety assurances
  229. Republicans put future of U.S. Eximbank in doubt: lawmaker
  230. Hong Kong property tycoons muscle in on leadership poll
  231. Fed's Bullard sees U.S. rate hike in late 2013
  232. Americans' data to be held longer under counterterrorism rules
  233. Army sergeant faces 17 murder counts in Afghan killings
  234. Canada industry minister broke ethics rules: probe
  235. Securities watchdog probes high-frequency trading firms: report
  236. Mexican faithful hope pope's visit will ease drugs violence
  237. Afghan Taliban: no faith in trial of U.S. massacre suspect
  238. Hackers attack Hong Kong "civil referendum" ahead of poll
  239. FACT CHECK: Say what? Odd campaign pronouncements
  240. Insurers speed health care overhaul preparations
  241. GOP's claims about Obama puzzle environmentalists
  242. Highway bill becomes House Republican headache
  243. Afghan Taliban: no faith in trial of U.S. massacre suspect
  244. The Note's Must-Reads for Friday, March 23, 2012
  245. Insight: Bo's exit opening act in succession drama
  246. Saudi to fill in for any Iran disruption: IEA
  247. Annan heading to Moscow, Beijing for talks on Syria crisis
  248. France to resume election race after gunman's death
  249. Fuel crosses from Israel to ease Gaza fuel crisis
  250. Nineteen prisoners escape jail in Iraq's Kirkuk